Hello, I am an artist hailing from Lancashire, UK, specialising in diverse artistic media. I am often drawn towards the radiant hues of painting, infusing my creations with bold, vibrant colours. My comrades and critics alike frequently describe my work as 'colourful', a testament to my penchant for bright palettes. This may be influenced by my residence in UK's rainier region, which inspires me to trade the gloomy greys and looming landscapes for impactful, vivacious colours.... Who knows?


I encourage you to browse around. Primarily, my artwork is categorised by subject. On the left, you'll find a list of these categories. Select one, and a gallery of paintings within that subject will unfold.

While this website isn't primarily for sales, if my artwork piques your interest or you'd like to commission a piece, please feel free to request a quote via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Thanks for looking.

Kev Fowler.