Welcome to Kev Paints

I am Kev Fowler, an artist from a village north of Preston in Lancashire, England. I am retired from my job after over 30yrs working for the same organisation. Upon retirement my daughter bought me an Art instruction book, which came with 6 tubes of paint a brush and some paper and I haven't looked back since. I'm, self-taught, but self-taught with plenty of help from friends found at www.WetCanvas.com website, a wonderful place for anyone learning to paint and then to grow as an artist. I have also immersed myself in books, videos, DVD's and the occasional classes with professional artists. Where I soon discovered the 3 P's of watercolour practice, practice, practice.

I have a deep passion for painting, with watercolour being my preferred medium. The manner in which colours blend and intermingle on a damp canvas captivates me, almost autonomously unveiling the final masterpiece from the moist paper. I take delight in exploring the usage of unconventional colour combinations that deviate from what is typically anticipated in the image. Alongside colour, light plays an integral role in my painting process. Watercolour is indeed an exceptional medium that compels you to consider the significance of light, given that before the application of the first brushstroke on the pristine white paper, light should be appreciated and strategically planned. Primarily, light is manifested through the utilisation of the paper's white surface.

I am captivated by Light and Colour, blending them with intriguing effects in each painting to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes. My intention is to share with you, the viewer, my unique perspective on the world. Whether inspecting a landscape, a flower, or any object that catches my eye, I aim to offer a subtle insight into my perception. My aspiration is for my art to offer you refreshingly unique and valuable visual experiences.

On this platform, you can explore my finished pieces, peruse works in progress, and reach out for inquiries about my art or purchases. Unless specified otherwise, all featured images are for sale. Details such as the medium used - acrylic, watercolour, etc. - and the size of the piece will accompany each image.

You're welcome to explore here. Should you find something intriguing or have a query, don't hesitate to reach me at fowlerkev(at)gmail(dot)com. I've modified my email to bar internet trolls and avoid spam.

Every image displayed on these pages is under my exclusive ownership as Kevin Fowler. Any use, without explicit permission granted in writing upon request, is strictly prohibited.