Welcome to Kev Paints

I am Kev Fowler, an artist from a village north of Preston in Lancashire, England. I am retired from my job after over 30yrs working for the same organisation. Upon retirement my daughter bought me an Art instruction book, which came with 6 tubes of paint a brush and some paper and I haven't looked back since. I'm, self-taught, but self-taught with plenty of help from friends found at www.WetCanvas.com website, a wonderful place for anyone learning to paint and then to grow as an artist. I have also immersed myself in books, videos, DVD's and the occasional classes with professional artists. Where I soon discovered the 3 P's of watercolour practice, practice, practice.

I love painting and watercolour is my favourite medium, I find it fascinating to see colours merge and mingle on a wet surface and to watch, almost without my control as the end result emerges from the wet paper. I have found that I enjoy pushing the use of colour and using colours which are not always the ones you are expecting to see in the image. As well as colour I find light as important to my painting process. Watercolour is a wonderful medium to make you think of the use of light because before placing the first brushstroke on the clean crisp white paper light has to be respected and planned as light is mainly achieved by using the white of the paper.

Light and Colour are what fascinate me and I try to combine them with effects in every painting with pleasing results and I hope that you, the viewer, will enjoy. To me this allows me to let you see what I see in an image, it gives an inkling to what I want when I look at a landscape, a flower or whatever is in front of me. I hope my paintings give you something a little different and worthwhile to look at.

On these pages you will be able to view my completed works, view works in progress and contact me if you wish to ask me anything about my work or to make any purchases. The images displayed in the various categories are for sale unless otherwise stated. The type of medium used, i.e. acrylic, watercolour, will be noted on the image  together with size.

Please feel free to browse around and if you like something or just wish to ask a question then please just contact me at fowlerkev(at)gmail(dot)com. I have broken my e-mail address down, as this prevents Internet trolls finding my addy and sending me spam.

All images on these pages are the property of me, Kevin Fowler, and I do not grant anyone permission to use any of the images without specific consent, which may be granted in writing on request.